Pro-Russian protests gripped Prague — EADaily, March 12, 2023 — Politics, Russia News

The day before, a large-scale protest took place in Prague, which was called pro-Russian in the Western media.

Demonstrators demanded the resignation of the Czech Prime Minister Petra Fialawhile proclaiming anti-European and anti-Ukrainian slogans. The protest action was called “Czech Republic Against Poverty!” The Czechs carried banners and chanted slogans addressed to the Fiala government:

“Scum!”, “Disgrace!”, and also “Stop NATO!” and “We want peace in Ukraine!”

The number of people who took part in the demonstration on Wenceslas Square is estimated at around 10,000. The organizer of the action is the extra-parliamentary party “Law, Respect, Professionalism” created last year. Its chairman, lawyer and former deputy head of the Czech Football Association Jindrich Reichl called for the full nationalization of the Czech energy giant CzeZ and the convening of a peace conference on Ukraine.

The politician said that if the government does not accept the terms of the party, including a ban on social media operators to restrict freedom of expression, then another demonstration will take place in Prague on April 16, 2023, followed by a blockade of government buildings.

The České Noviny portal clarifies that due to the high prices at the rally, there were also calls to block supermarket warehouses, unless they decide to change their pricing policy.

After the official end of the demonstration, several hundred people approached the building of the National Museum crowning the upper part of Wenceslas Square, where they demanded to remove the large Ukrainian flag placed there. The demonstrators clashed with police units ready to quell the riots. The media noted that among the protesters there were people with the symbols of Wagner PMC. The letter “Z” was also seen, which is a symbol of the Russian special operation to denazify Ukraine.

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