Prime Minister of Italy named three reasons for the drought

The 2022 drought in Italy is the worst in 70 years, Prime Minister Mario Draghi said June 30.

The main reason for the crisis, in addition to the lack of rainfall and “global warming”, is the depreciation of infrastructure, due to which up to 30% of water is lost, the prime minister said.

As previously reported, the problem affected mainly the northern regions of Italy: the water level in the Po River dropped by three meters, the bottom is bare in places, in Lake Maggiore the water level dropped by a meter in three days. The amount of precipitation in 2022 is almost half the norm.

Farmers and local authorities are asking the country’s government for early support. The damage to the country’s agriculture alone is estimated at several billion euros. Experts believe that up to a third of the crop will be lost for certain species.

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