Prilepin decided to stay in the intensive care unit

The writer Zakhar Prilepin received many different injuries during the assassination attempt on him in Nizhny Novgorod, and not only on his legs. He told about it himself.

“I had all sorts of different fractures, open, closed, bruises, internal injuries, far from only on the legs: we report them in a dosed manner so as not to please the enemies once again, and not to upset relatives,” he shared in an interview agency “Time N”.

Prilepin said that neighbors who came running to help found his phone in the car, and he tried to call all the important people while he was conscious. About 15 minutes after the writer was pulled out of the car, he was injected with an anesthetic. Many eyewitnesses filmed what was happening on their phones, and at first this surprised the publicist, but then he looked at their behavior differently.

“On any Kiev fake, of which they stuck a ton in a day, there is now a kilometer of filming: the condition of the car, the location of the houses and the condition of the road, the depth and type of the funnel, the place of the car where they dragged me from, and so on. The investigation, having this on hand, is simpler , Certainly”, – Prilepin emphasized.

Life in the press service of Prilepin described the writer’s condition as stable, sensitivity and movements in the toes are preserved. On the recommendation of doctors, he remains in the intensive care unit. Another operation is being considered for the speedy recovery of the patient.


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