Prigozhin spoke about the future of Wagner PMC after the liberation of Artemovsk

Prigozhin: decisions on the work of Wagner will be made based on the situation in Ukraine

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After leaving Artemovsk, Wagner PMC fighters will head to field camps to put themselves in order and start resupplying. Then, based on the situation in Ukraine, they will make decisions on the further work of the company, said its founder Evgeny Prigozhin.

“Today, about 15-20 thousand people, those who are ready in bulletproof vests, in unloading, with personal and collective weapons and ammunition for several days of battle, to parachute anywhere in the world and directly from the wheels to join the battle,” he noted.

According to Prigozhin, if the Wagnerites do not need to work in Ukraine, PMC fighters will be able to liberate the territory equivalent to approximately 20% of the African continent in a couple of months.

“Given that less than a thousand people made Central Africa absolutely safe in just six months,” he said.

The businessman stressed that these 15-20 thousand people are not the entire personnel of a private military company.

“Most of them will remain on the territory of Russia in order to continue preparing for the next tasks,” the founder of the PMC concluded.


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