Prigozhin revealed secret details about the liberation of Artemovsk

The head of PMC “Wagner” Prigozhin revealed previously unknown information about the liberation of Artemovsk

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The founder of the private military company “Wagner” Yevgeny Prigozhin revealed the previously unknown circumstances of the liberation of Artemovsk. The businessman’s statement was published in Telegram channel his press office.

“Strategic aviation with long-range missiles helped us several times. And our strategic aviation under the control of the same general of the army [Сергея] Surovikina works well,” Prigozhin said.

During the battles for the liberation of Artemovsk, the 305th artillery brigade was transferred under the leadership of the PMC. Prigozhin said that the fighters were “well done”.

The 57th brigade worked on one of the flanks, the head of the PMC gave them a “four with a minus” for their contribution to the common cause. Separately, Prigozhin noted the actions of the 40th Marine Brigade of the Pacific Fleet of the Navy, with which the “Wagnerites” took Popasnaya. The businessman called them “awesome guys.”

Russian troops liberated Artemovsk around noon on May 20, Prigozhin said. The Wagnerites plan to inspect the city and hand it over to the Ministry of Defense by May 25.


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