Priest of the Russian Orthodox Church Lukyanov called for a ban on artificial intelligence with a human face

The transfer of the human image to inanimate objects must be prohibited. Such an initiative was made by the chairman of the Patriarchal Commission for the Family, Protection of Motherhood and Children of the Russian Orthodox Church, Priest Fyodor Lukyanov. Newspaper “Vedomosti” got acquainted with his presentation.

“It is necessary to establish a ban on the use of human voices, faces, that is, the image and likeness of a person and his qualities as a living being in AI programs and technologies. In fact, we need a ban on the anthropomorphization of programs, technologies, robots, that is, a ban on transferring the human image and its properties on inanimate objects, indicated in it.

Lukyanov also considers it necessary to develop and legislate the introduction of a disclaimer for neural networks so that the user understands that he is communicating with artificial intelligence. He proposes to establish the responsibility of the developer for the content of the information that the program broadcasts. For example, in China, this practice is enshrined at the administrative and criminal levels.


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