Prices for secondary real estate are falling in Chelyabinsk

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In Chelyabinsk, due to a decrease in demand in the secondary real estate market due to increased mortgage rates, apartment owners began to more often reduce prices for similar housing. Realtor and lawyer Nadezhda Kushnova spoke about this.

“In Chelyabinsk, mortgage rates have increased, accordingly, the demand for secondary real estate has decreased, and sellers are forced to reduce prices. At the same time, prices are most often reduced for apartments that have not been sold for a long time, the reason for which is most often the initially high price,” Kushnova said.

According to Kushnova, in Chelyabinsk the share of lots for the sale of apartments on the secondary market has increased, where housing has become cheaper in a week. First of all, discounts are offered by sellers whose apartment has not been sold for a long time.

Earlier, Chelyabinsk realtors said that in Chelyabinsk, of all types of housing, it is most profitable to invest money in secondary real estate. This is often due to the fact that it is easiest to negotiate a discount for such apartments.


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