Prices for outerwear in Russia have increased by 25% since the beginning of autumn

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With the beginning of autumn in Russia, prices for outerwear have increased by a quarter. This data is provided by analysts of the state labeling system “Honest Sign”.

“In September, Russians purchased coats for an average of 9,754 rubles. Compared to the average price for the three summer months, the cost of this product increased by 21.8%. At that time, coats were bought on average for 8,006 rubles. At the same time, the average cost of a raincoat during this time increased by 34.3% and amounted to 7,360 rubles compared to 5,479 rubles in the summer. The cost of a jacket increased by 37.1% – 5,494 rubles in September versus 4,008 rubles in the summer,” analysts report.News

The cost of windbreakers increased by only 9.7%. In the summer, the average price for this type of clothing was 2,797 rubles, now it is 3,067 rubles.

Experts consider the rise in prices to be natural. During the season, demand increases and new collections appear on the market. It is noted that the share of imported coats on the market is 74%. Raincoats are mainly produced in Russia. Only 25% comes into the country from abroad. In 2023, 47.3 million raincoats, coats, windbreakers and jackets were brought to the Russian Federation from abroad.

This year, Russians are buying jackets more often. This type of outerwear accounts for 72% of all sales. Coats are purchased less frequently, only 14% of the total volume of goods sold, windbreakers – 10%, and raincoats – 2%.

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