Precariousness: Isabelle, a student in Paris, has agreed to open her accounts with us

CALCULATION Faced with inflation, rising rents or energy prices, the most precarious populations are suffering. Among them, students are at the forefront. Isabelle, 23, agreed to do her accounts with us. Insecurity: A student opens her accounts for us — 20 Minutes

While the government has just released an exceptional envelope of 10 million euros for food aid to students, the queues in front of the distributions to the students. Paris is only getting bigger. Saturday morning, Place du Louvre, Isabelle, a master’s student in sociology, comes to collect fruit and vegetables, hygiene products and free clothing.

The 23-year-old, originally from Grenoble, moved to the capital in 2021. After chaining student jobs, she is now in a gap year and is doing an eight-month civic service in an NGO. She accepted; to open his accounts for us and calculate all his income and expenses per month.

Result, for the month of November, the cumulative cash inflows represent 1,037 euros against 1,093 euros for expenses. Sums which may vary during the year but which are “almost always equivalent”. It’s hard for Isabelle not to have “a constant worry” compared to money. When possible, she puts money aside. to finance a research internship planned in Mexico in 2023 and thus validate his master 2 to be graduated.

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