Prague helped Kyiv with weapons, but there are no new opportunities left

The Czech Republic helped Ukraine as much as possible with the supply of weapons, but Prague no longer has any new opportunities for this. This was told by the President of the country Peter Pavel.

“The Czech Republic helped Ukraine with the supply of weapons as best it could, but it no longer has the opportunity for this,” said the head of state interview German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung.

According to him, the Czech Republic has some opportunities in the field of air defense and the production of ammunition, but the latter may be problematic due to a shortage of labor with the current very low unemployment rate in the republic. As a way out of the situation, Pavel suggested attracting workers from Ukraine.

In addition, the Czech leader approved the decision of the German authorities to transfer Leopard 2 tanks to Kyiv. Pavel stressed that it “opened the doors for all other countries.” At the same time, he noted that for a “successful offensive” Ukraine needs armored vehicles, artillery, ammunition and air defense systems. Also, Pavel continued, the MiG-29 fighters, which Poland and Slovakia intend to transfer to Kyiv, will also help. The President of the Czech Republic said that “every plane counts.” He clarified that the provision of Western fighters would be a logical step, but in the long term. In his opinion, this year will be decisive for the development of the conflict in Ukraine.


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