Positive moments in China’s peace plan for Ukraine were seen in the State Department

March 01, 2023, 15:58

Blinken spoke about the positive aspects of China’s peace plan for Ukraine

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China’s peace plan to resolve the situation in Ukraine has positive aspects, said the head of the US State Department, Anthony Blinken. He assessed the proposal of the Chinese authorities during his visit to Uzbekistan, the agency reported. France Presse.

According to Blinken, the Chinese authorities should have focused on restoring Ukraine’s sovereignty. Then it would show that the PRC authorities take diplomacy “really seriously.”

The head of the State Department also noted that there are still points in the Chinese peace plan that can be assessed positively.

Earlier, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba called China’s plan “an interesting document.” According to him, Kiev does not agree with at least one of his points.

In particular, the Ukrainian side was not satisfied with the proposal of the PRC to abandon unilateral sanctions. According to the minister, restrictive measures are an important tool to influence the countries against which they are introduced.


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