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Pompeo discussed the situation with coronavirus with foreign ministers of six countries

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo discussed the coronavirus pandemic in conference mode with colleagues from six countries, said State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus in a statement.

Foreign ministers from Australia, Brazil, India, Israel, Japan, and South Korea attended the meeting with Pompeo. The State Department does not explain why Pompeo spoke specifically with representatives of these countries. In Australia and South Korea, the spread of the virus has generally been controlled.

Japan may cancel the state of emergency this week. In India, quarantine has been going on for seven weeks and maybe weakened after May 17th. In Israel, restrictions on coronavirus have subsided. Meanwhile, in Brazil, the death toll exceeded 10 thousand people, the Brazilian Congress, and the Supreme Court announced on the eve of three-day mourning.

“Secretary of State Pompeo and colleagues discussed the importance of international cooperation, transparency and responsibility in combating the COVID-19 pandemic and its causes. They also discussed cooperation in preventing future global health crises and reaffirmed the importance of rule-based world order,” the statement said. State Department.

Under the rule-based world order, the State Department traditionally understands US leadership in the world, and China calls for transparency and responsibility, which American officials reproach in connection with the spread of the pandemic. China rejects these claims.

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