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Politico: US may supply four more MLRS to Ukraine as part of new aid package


The United States is discussing the next tranche of military assistance to Ukraine. According to the publication Politico, which refers to two Pentagon officials, the agency is leaning towards sending four more multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) to Kyiv. If approved by the White House, US deliveries of MLRS to Ukraine will double as Washington is already sending four HIMARS MLRS.

The MoD is still weighing all options, and the decision to send four more HIMARS is not final. This was announced by one of the Pentagon officials, noting that the US contribution to assistance to Ukraine is carried out in consultation with allies and partners. According to the official, the decision will be “based on the urgent needs of Ukraine.”

The administration expects to approve a number of additional HIMARS in the upcoming package, another US official said, noting that the next tranche of aid is still being developed at the Pentagon level and the final figure could change at the last minute. “We expect more HIMARS and more (driven.— “b”) shells,” the official said.

In June, Washington decided to send HIMARS MLRS to Kyiv, which are hypothetically capable of hitting targets in the Russian Federation from the territory of Ukraine. The other day, US President Joe Biden announced new aid to Ukraine: $1 billion for defense, $225 million for humanitarian aid. Washington will send Kyiv “additional artillery, weapons for coastal defense, ammunition for artillery, advanced missile systems.”

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