Politico: The Pentagon was unable to contact the Chinese military


    Representatives of the Chinese military command did not answer numerous calls from American colleagues this week, sources said. Politico. The publication’s interlocutors among officials and experts consider “China’s silence as a short-sighted and reckless step, which increases the risk of escalating an already tense situation.”

    The Chinese military refuses to contact the United States amid large-scale exercises near Taiwan. The maneuvers were a response to the visit of Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan. The last contact between the United States and China at the level of chiefs of staff took place on July 7.

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    Randy Shriver, a senior Pentagon official in the Trump administration, told Politico that if China acts “more aggressively and in close proximity to US forces more often,” then Washington will need “even more mechanisms to ensure a safe operating environment.”

    Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan on August 2. According to her, this visit was a demonstration of US support for the island. On August 4, China began military exercises near Taiwan. Beijing promised to impose sanctions against Mrs. Pelosi, and also announced the termination of cooperation with the United States in a number of areas, including at the level of regional military commands.

    About China’s response – in the material “Kommersant” “Battlefield: Asia”.

    Leonid Uvarchev


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