Politico: Ron DeSantis Leads Donald Trump as Republican Presidential Candidate

Politico published a survey conducted among supporters of the US Republican Party. Its goal was to reveal the level of support for candidates in the US presidential election in 2024. Republicans are more willing to support Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis than former President Donald Trump, the results showed.

The Politico poll included 187 GOP committee chairs in US districts. One of the questions was whether they were ready to support one of the named politicians in the presidential election. Half of the respondents have not yet made a decision. 19% voted for Ron DeSantis, 17% for Donald Trump. At the same time, Ron DeSantis did not officially announce his decision to run.

In addition, the respondents were asked whom they would like to support in the elections. The respondents had to name the desired names themselves, and there were several options. 73% of respondents would support Ron DeSantis, 43% – Donald Trump. Nikki Haley, another Conservative candidate, was favored by 36% of respondents.

To answer the last question, members of the Republican Party had to name the candidates they would not like to see in the elections. 39% of respondents named Donald Trump. Ron DeSantis was mentioned by 9% of respondents.

On March 5, the Conservative Political Action Conference released a poll showing Donald Trump as the most popular candidate for the US presidency in 2024. In this poll, he won 62% of the vote, while Ron DeSantis – 20%.

Donald Trump announced his intention to run for President of the United States in November 2022. He led the United States from 2017-2021. In 2020, Trump lost the election to Democrat and incumbent US President Joe Biden. Mr. Biden has not yet made a final decision on re-election.

Although Ron DeSantis has not yet announced his candidacy, he is seen as the most serious potential rival to Donald Trump among Republican politicians. In early March, he spoke in California denouncing liberal ideology.

For more details, see Kommersant’s article “Donald Trump Has a Good Enemy.”

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