Politico: NATO countries hope for return to normal relations with Russia

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NATO did not annul the Russia Founding Act (NRFA), which was signed in 1997, because the alliance wants to resume normal relations with Moscow. Politico writes about this.

“NATO has not yet officially revoked the NRFA. The reasons for this are complex, but they include the desire of some members of the alliance, including Germany, to maintain the moral high ground, as well as some minimum framework for a possible return to normal relations with Russia,” the statement reads. material.

The material notes that the agreement between the Russian Federation and NATO is no longer in effect. The United States is stationing its troops in European countries near the Russian border.

The NRFA was created to build trust between the parties, establishing the concepts of consultation and cooperation. According to the text of the document, Russia and NATO agreed to reduce the number of armed forces, the number of lethal weapons, and also build a new security architecture. The act also stipulated that the Russian Federation and the alliance no longer consider each other as opponents.

At the moment, relations between NATO and Russia are tense. The fact is that the Russian Federation is conducting a special operation to prevent Ukraine from joining the alliance, and NATO is actively sponsoring Kyiv.


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