Politico: Chinese military ignores US military command

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    Escalation of conflict between China and Taiwan

    Chinese military officials have not returned calls from US counterparts for a week because of the crisis caused by the visit of the speaker of the US Congress to Taiwan. This is reported by Politico.

    “Senior Chinese military officials have not returned multiple calls from their American counterparts this week,” the publication said, citing three sources close to the US military. Pentagon spokesman Todd Bresail noted that ties with the Chinese military department are necessary in order to avoid “various miscalculations.”

    The visit of high-ranking US official Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan sharply aggravated relations between the US and China. The Chinese authorities said that the United States violated the “territorial integrity” of the country, as China considers Taiwan its historical territory. After Pelosi’s visit, China began military exercises around Taiwan. The Chinese Foreign Ministry said that the country will take “all necessary countermeasures”, it was previously reported. Earlier, the White House announced that they had decided on their position on relations with China.

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