Politician: The transformation of “Belaya Rus” into a party is the beginning of the transit of power


    By the degree of its influence and representation in the Belarusian authorities, the public association “Belaya Rus” exceeds all the political parties of Belarus taken together, so the official registration of the party status would look logical. Such an opinion to the correspondent
    On August 5, the chairman of the organizing committee of the Belarusian public association “Civil Accord” spoke Artyom Agafonov.

    “Such a proposal has been repeatedly put on the table. President of Belarus Alexandra Lukashenka. In November 2013, an amendment to the law “On Political Parties” was even adopted, which legally secured the right of public associations to transform into parties. For what purpose this was done is clear. New parties in Belarus have not been registered since 2000, and the chances for such a transformation are …

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