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German political scientist Alexander Sosnovsky agreed with the words of Vasily Nebenzya, Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, about the educational program of Ukraine. He shared his opinion on the air of Vesti FM.

Nebenzya spoke about the educational programs of Ukraine, noting separately a history textbook, which mentioned that the ancestors of the French came from Galicia. He said that according to this book, Spaniards, Portuguese, Turks and even Jews also have Ukrainian ancestors.

“Don’t believe me? Read the textbook, ”quotes the words of the Russian plenipotentiary, the publication“People’s News“.

Political scientist Sosnovsky pointed out that this is a striking detail in the mass Ukrainization of the educational process, for which the country’s Ministry of Education is responsible. He also called Nebenzi’s words a hit on target.

“The scientific research of Nebenzya is striking in its powerful sarcasm and absolutely accurate hit on the target. I think the French should think and be upset,” Sosnovsky highly appreciated the passage of the Permanent Representative about Ukrainian education.

The Russians also agreed with Sosnovsky’s opinion in the comments, they added that Ukraine is simply engaged inbrainwashing».



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