Political scientist Orlov admitted the continuation of the nuclear threat after the completion of the NWO

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

Nuclear de-escalation between Russia and the West may occur before the end of the conflict with Ukraine, during its course, or may not occur after it ends. Vladimir Orlov, professor at MGIMO of the Russian Foreign Ministry, founder and director of the PIR Center, shared these assumptions.

“A scenario is possible that discussions related to nuclear weapons, nuclear de-escalation, may begin even before the completion of the operation in Ukraine,” Orlov said in a conversation with RIA Novosti. However, in his opinion, now the West is not taking steps to reduce the escalation. Another scenario for the development of events, according to the political scientist, is the settlement of the conflict and nuclear de-escalation “hand in hand”. “There is no need to look for a direct link between these two processes,” the political scientist noted, citing the Cold War as an example. The third option is the continuation of nuclear tension, “if the leaders do not show wisdom and foresight here.” According to Orlov, the protracted conflict between the West and Russia “may not be limited to the situation related to Ukraine at all.”

Earlier, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz asked Russian President Vladimir Putin to promise not to use nuclear weapons. He noted that its use in the conflict in Ukraine is unacceptable. And in Finland, in turn, they prepared a draft law on NATO membership, which provides for the possibility of deploying nuclear weapons on the territory of the country, reports “Nevskiye news“.


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