Political scientist Martynov predicted the collapse of the European Union because of Poland


The conflict between Poland and the European Union has escalated strongly due to the deviation of Warsaw from some of the values ​​of Brussels. Political scientist Alexei Martynov told the details channel five.

According to the expert, Poland has always been a center of contention and a big problem for the EU. The country constantly wanted to teach European bureaucrats how to live. Now Warsaw is actively inciting Russophobia.

“With their statements and actions, they create political problems for the entire European Union, whether it is discrimination on the basis of language, as in the same Baltic States, or on a national basis – now they are proposing, for example, to ban Russians from issuing visas. That is, this is outright fascism, it remains only to pronounce this word, ”Martynov pointed out.

Poland is actively trying to participate in the Ukrainian crisis. According to Martynov, Warsaw’s actions lead to a split within the EU. Now the organization is discussing the feasibility of expanding and the presence of some countries in its composition.

Senator Alexei Pushkov also drew attention to the approaching split. In his opinion, Poland’s threats to remove the head of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen already demonstrates the ideological collapse in the European Union.


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