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Political scientist Ivanov explained the failure of anti-Russian sanctions of the West

Federal news agency
Federal news agency

Russia is of critical importance politically, diplomatically, militarily, technologically for the whole world. He shared this opinion in an interview with FAN political scientist Andrew Ivanov.

Formerly readers of the German newspaper Die Welt supported Russian President’s statement Vladimir Putin that the anti-Russian sanctions dealt a greater blow precisely to the Western countries themselves.

“Vladimir Putin repeated the well-known idea that sanctions are a double-edged weapon. It is Russia that is under sanctions, but the West is also suffering. That is why there is no question of any defeat, the imminent collapse of the economy, of course, ”commented the expert.

Federal News Agency / Stepan Yatsko
Federal News Agency / Stepan Yatsko

Andrei Ivanov also noted that different countries have to face severe restrictions for one reason or another.

“There are many states that may not be under sanctions, but due to geographical and political reasons, they found themselves in difficult conditions, but even there the economy cannot be brought down. This is all the more true if we are talking about Russia, a huge country that is of critical political, diplomatic, military, technological and natural resource importance for many countries of the world,” the FAN interlocutor explained.

In conclusion, he gave another example from the relatively recent past of our country.

“From 1917 until 1991, Russia was under various sanctions all the time. However, the country has developed. Yes, objectively, maybe a little slower than it would be possible without restrictions. Here, world politicians should just think about what to choose: develop, discover new drugs, conquer space, or we will spend enormous resources in order to somehow hurt each other, stop someone’s development instead of cooperation, which, By the way, Russia has always offered,” summed up the political scientist.

Roscosmos/via Globallookpress.com
Roscosmos/via Globallookpress.com

Earlier, Andrei Ivanov, in an interview with the FAN, assessed the statement of the British Chief of Defense Staff about the strategic defeat of Russia in Ukraine. According to the interlocutor, there can be no talk of any loss, since during the special operation there is an ideological confrontation between Moscow and the West, which has lost a model for further development.



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