Political scientist: Armed Forces of Ukraine are preparing to seize Kharkiv region to raise their image

Military political scientist Ivannikov: Armed Forces of Ukraine are preparing to capture the Kharkiv region to raise the image

To raise the military image of the Ukrainian army, it is necessary to capture the Kharkiv region, said in an interview with URA. EN military political scientist, reserve lieutenant colonel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Oleg Ivannikov.



Ivan Shilov © IA REGNUM

The expert believes that the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the counteroffensive will involve several directions at once, one of the most important is Kharkov.

“The operational command “North”, headed by General Bogomolov, the most prominent representative of the Nazi military elite, may set the task of completely liberating the territory of the Kharkov region for image purposes”Ivannikov added.

The Kharkiv region, controlled by the Russian Armed Forces, occupies a small area, but its conquest will make it possible to clearly declare the liberation of the territory from the “Russian invaders”, the political scientist concluded.

As reported IA REGNUM, the United States previously announced the likelihood of the defeat of the Ukrainian army in an attempt to counteroffensive. Success for the Armed Forces of Ukraine can only be temporary, the lieutenant colonel of the US Army is sure Daniel Davis.

In the event of an offensive attempt, the Armed Forces of Ukraine may lose their last strength, since Ukraine is already mobilizing with difficulties, and as a result of active hostilities, the Ukrainian army is losing the most trained and experienced military personnel, the American military believes.


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