Political crisis escalates in Bulgaria — EADaily, May 28, 2023 — Politics, Europe News

The coalition of the parties “Continue Changes” and “Democratic Bulgaria” (PP-DB) suspended negotiations on the formation of a ruling bloc with the coalition block “Citizens for the European Development of Bulgaria” and the Union of Democratic Forces (GERB-SDS) after leaking a five-hour recording of working meetings of the PP-DB coalition , which allegedly discussed future administrative appointments, reports Bloomberg.

The initiator of the freeze of negotiations was the leader of GERB, the current Prime Minister of the country Boyko Borisov. Co-chairman of the PP-DB coalition, former Prime Minister of Bulgaria Kirill Petkov denied the authenticity of the recording and accused the country’s secret services of spying on politicians and trying to fail the initiative to form a new government in Bulgaria.

“The secret services know that if a new government is formed, then we will change their leadership and carry out deep reforms aimed at eradicating likely traitors. [интересов государства]”, the politician said.

The political crisis in Bulgaria has been going on for several months now. In the April 2 elections, GERB-SDS won 69 out of 240 seats in the National Assembly, PP-DB – 64 seats. Immediately after the election, co-chair of “Continuing Change” Asen Vasilev stated that the national council of the party ruled out the possibility of supporting the cabinet, which will include representatives of GERB.

In order to avoid early elections and finally start solving internal problems, on May 22, representatives of the GERB-SDS and PP-DB announced a political agreement. It is designed for at least a year and a half and assumes that for the first nine months the Prime Minister will be a representative of the PP – DB Nikolai Denkovand in the next nine months – Maria Gabriel from GERB. During Denkov’s premiership, she will have the post of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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