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Polish ethnographer succeeded in perpetuating the forgotten cemetery of Russian prisoners from the voivode


Polish local historian Yaroslav Tomchak from the city of Stargard got the governor to establish a sign indicating the forgotten cemetery of Soviet prisoners of war who died in the Stalag II-D camp in northwestern Poland.

Yaroslav Tomchak independently discovered the cemetery of Soviet prisoners of war and for several years tried to reach out to local authorities. For about 70 years, nothing was known about this cemetery. The local historian analyzed many archival documents and memoirs of former prisoners of war before getting to the bottom of the truth in the literal sense. In 2013-2014, Tomchak checked about 9 thousand personal cards of Soviet soldiers using the Memorial database, and then met a former Soviet prisoner of war via Internet correspondence. Oleg Krasnopolsky.

As a result, it was found that at least 2.6 thousand people were buried in this cemetery. On his own initiative and at his own expense, Tomchak carried out survey work and, at a depth of 1.2 meters, came across the first human remains.

“After the manual removal of layers of earth, the contours of the burial of people arranged in rows appeared,” Tomchak said in an interview with NewsBalt in 2018. – With one of the skeletons, friends found a camp token with the number 11558. Immediately on the spot, it was identified based on the Memorial database. It was a prisoner of war Gerasim Zolotarevwho died September 30, 1943. his granddaughter Olga Zolotareva already knows where grandfather is buried.

It took 4 years for the voivodship to recognize the abandoned site, already overgrown with trees and shrubs, as a protected area.

“After a long and hard struggle, a small success,” Yaroslav Tomchak told a correspondent today, May 18, EADaily. “There is now a commemorative plaque in ‘my’ cemetery.”

The signs say in Polish:

“The military cemetery is under legal protection. Prisoners of war of the former Stalag II-D camp in Stargard. West Pomeranian Voivode.

The fate of a person is written on a piece of aluminum. Grabov Pavel Emelyanovich – a prisoner of Stalag II-D. Photo from the archive of J. Tomchak.


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