Polina Face was sent to compulsory treatment for offensive photos against the backdrop of the temple

prt scr youtube.com |  Xikkasgrandma
prt scr youtube.com | Xikkasgrandma

The Golovinsky Court of Moscow sent Faith, a well-known blogger in the so-called “lower Internet”, to compulsory treatment.

Polina Morgulin (known under the pseudonym Polina Face) was released from criminal liability. In December 2021, the infamous girl posted a nude photo on social networks in front of the Church of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Moscow. A criminal case was opened against her for insulting the feelings of believers. During the course of the case, she was diagnosed with schizotypal personality disorder. The court decided that the defendant was not aware of her actions at the time of the crime and replaced the measure of restraint with compulsory treatment.

Earlier in St. Petersburg, a court sent a local resident to compulsory psychiatric treatment for the murder of a girl. The court took into account the circumstance that the killer has suffered from a mental disorder since childhood and committed the murder shortly after leaving the mental hospital.


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