Poles allowed to come to Belarus without a visa — EADaily, June 30, 2022 — Politics News, Belarus News

Citizens of Poland from July 1 are allowed visa-free entry to Belarus. This was announced today, June 30, by the State Border Committee of the Republic.

“The decision to introduce temporary visa-free entry for Polish citizens was made by the head of state to maintain good neighborly relations. The visa-free regime for Poles will begin to operate from 00.00 on July 1. It is envisaged that the opportunity for Poles to come to Belarus without issuing a visa will last until December 31, inclusive.

It is noted that the Poles will be able to cross the border without a visa only at checkpoints on the Belarusian-Polish section of the border.

“Also, citizens of Poland will be allowed to visit the border zone without a pass. When entering Belarus at the checkpoint, it is enough to verbally inform the border guard about the intention to visit the border zone, indicating the settlements and the purpose of visiting them, ”the CPC stressed, adding that a PCR test and a vaccination certificate are not needed to cross the border.

Recall that earlier Belarus canceled visa restrictions for citizens of Lithuania and Latvia, who can freely come to the republic from April 15. Minsk emphasizes that these decisions are a gesture of goodwill and confirmation of Belarus’ desire to maintain good neighborly relations with these countries, as well as contacts between ordinary people, even under sanctions pressure.

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