Poland’s provocations against Russia could lead to a world war

All kinds of provocations by the Polish authorities against Russia to an armed clash will ultimately lead to a world war. Such an opinion expressed columnist Ronald Barazon in an article for Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten. According to him, the seizure of the Russian school in Warsaw is precisely aimed at irritating Moscow.

“Poland is currently making intense efforts to provoke a Russian attack in order to take revenge on the country with the help of NATO in the third world war. <...> The dream of a strong uncle of NATO, who will destroy the evil Russians, will quickly dissipate, “- emphasized the journalist.

According to the observer, a new world war will lead to the death of millions of people, the destruction of cities, and most of the territories will become uninhabitable. These actions will not bring triumph to Poland. At the same time, the allies of the republic do not even suspect what goals Warsaw is pursuing. In this regard, the journalist called on Europe and the United States to wake up and stop the warmongering. In addition, according to Barazon, the West is under the delusion that it controls the situation in Ukraine, because the conflict can escalate at any moment.


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