Poland’s ambassador to the EU is disappointed with the tenth package of sanctions against Russia

Poland is disappointed with the preliminary version of the tenth package of sanctions against Russia. This was stated by the Ambassador of Poland to the European Union Andrzej Sados in an interview with the radio station RMF FM. According to him, the proposed restrictions did not match Warsaw’s expectations.

So, Andrzej Sados noted that the new package of sanctions does not provide for restrictions against Rosatom, which Ukraine insisted on. Also, Poland’s demand to exclude Gazprom from the EU-ETS system, which issues certificates of low CO2 emissions, has not been taken into account. In addition, Andrzej Sados pointed to the absence of a ban on the import of Russian diamonds.

The tenth package of EU sanctions is expected to be made public on February 24, the anniversary of the special military operation. The European Commission explained that the new package of sanctions is aimed at closing loopholes in already adopted restrictions. The new measures could include restrictions on four banks, including Alfa Bank, as well as a €10bn blocking of Russian exports.

Members of the European Parliament asked to oust such Russian companies as Lukoil and Rosatom from the European market, as well as to impose an embargo on the import of all types of Russian fossil fuels and uranium. Sources Reuters reported that, at the suggestion of Poland and Lithuania, sanctions could be imposed against the Russian nuclear industry, in particular Rosatom and its leadership. Bulgaria and Hungary oppose this restriction.

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Lusine Balasyan


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