Poland to take over NATO air patrol mission in Lithuania

The Polish Air Force, which has recently stepped up its NATO air patrol mission in the Baltics, remains in Lithuania. The Poles take command of the mission from Hungary, writes Delfi.lt.

According to the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense, “the French will come to the aid of the Poles, who will strengthen the mission with their most powerful fighters stationed in Lithuania for the first time.”

Polish Air Force pilots will continue to patrol the Baltic airspace with four F-16 fighters, and France is sending four Rafale fighters to Lithuania for the first time.

The French Air Force will take part in the NATO air police mission in the Baltics for the ninth time and will be stationed in Lithuania for the sixth time. The Hungarian pilots completing the mission patrolled the local airspace in four JAS-39 Grippen fighters. About 150 soldiers participated in the mission – pilots, technicians, medical staff, support team, communication specialists and others.

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