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Poland prepares to host US nuclear weapons

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Poland has begun negotiations on the possibility of participating in the NATO nuclear exchange program, which involves the storage of nuclear weapons on the territory of the country. This was stated by the resident of Poland Andrzej Duda.

“The President confirmed that we started talking about Poland’s participation in the Nuclear sharing program [ядерного обмена]. So far, there is no answer to this, but there are proposals from Poland, because the initiative should come from our side, ”Tomasz Sakiewicz, the author of an interview with Polish President, told Niezalezna.

The head of Poland’s ruling party Law and Justice, Yaroslav Kaczynski, in turn, supported the idea of ​​Poland’s participation in the NATO program. “This issue has already been raised during the negotiations. Even when we were in opposition, we raised this issue with US senators. Then the answer was indirect, and it was not positive. If the president knows that the road is open, then I fully support him. I think this would be a very good solution. Let’s see how it will be in practice,” he said.

The Nuclear Sharing Program is the concept of NATO’s nuclear deterrence policy. Within the framework of the nuclear exchange, the participating countries acquire the right to make common decisions on nuclear weapons policy, and also ensure the delivery and storage of nuclear weapons.


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