Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached the construction site of the new Parliament building being built in the capital Delhi at around 8.45 pm tonight. He spent about an hour at the site and personally inspected the construction status of the building. Let us tell you that this happened for the first time when PM Modi had suddenly reached the construction site of the new Parliament building in the night.

Some pictures of the inspection of the construction site by Prime Minister Narendra Modi have also surfaced. In the pictures you can see how PM Modi himself is seen inspecting the site wearing a white colored safety helmet. PM Modi had suddenly arrived here today. No one knew about his visit. It is being told that PM Modi stayed at the construction site for about an hour.

The new Parliament building is being constructed under the Central Vista Project. A large number of workers are working for the construction of new buildings under the project. The construction of the new Parliament building will cost around Rs 1000 crore. The new building is being constructed in an area of ​​64500 sqm and it will be 17 thousand sqm bigger than the old building. The construction work of the new Parliament building is expected to be completed by next year.

Earlier in the third week of September, PM Modi inaugurated the new defense office complexes built under the Central Vista Project. On the occasion of the inauguration, PM Modi surrounded the critics of this project and said that some people have done the work of spreading confusion about it. PM Modi had further said that the work which should have been done immediately after independence, we are doing it today. Took the initiative to fix the country’s offices. First of all we did the work of giving respect to the martyrs of the country.

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