PM Modi slams Rahul Gandhi for remarks on democracy in poll-bound Karnataka

Prime Minister Narendra Modi On Sunday Targeted Rahul Gandhi for his comments at the international forum on democracy in India and that no power can harm IndiaThe democratic traditions of the United States. Without Name Gandhi Referring to the Congress Leader’s remarks in London — That structures of Indian Democracies are being underrepresented “brutal attack”, Modi It was a insult to the 12th century social reformer BasaveshwaraThe people of Karnataka, India’s Its citizens and traditions are outstanding.

The The statement of the PM is being interpreted as having political significance. Basaveshwara It is highly regarded in KarnatakaEspecially by the dominant Lingayat Community who make up the majority of the ruling’s vote base BJP.

Modi This was his sixth trip to the country this year. KarnatakaWhere is it? Assembly Elections are due May.

“I have come to the land of Bhagwan Basaveshwar and I’m feeling blessed. Among the contributions of Basaveshwara, most important is the establishment of Anubhava Mantapa, this democratic system is researched across the world, and there are several such things because of which we say India is not just the largest democracy, it is also the mother of democracy,” He said.

Addressing A large gathering was held after the opening of the permanent campus. Indian Institute Of Technology (IIT) Dharwad Here he stated that he had the great fortune to unveil the statue. Basaveshwara In London It was a few years back.

“Statue of lord Basaveshwar is in London, but it is unfortunate that in the same London questions were raised on India’s democracy; the roots of India’s democracy have been nurtured by centuries of our history. No power in this world can harm India’s democratic traditions. Despite this some are constantly making it stand in the dock,” Modi In a subtle swipe at Gandhi.

Such People are rude Bagawan BasaveshwaraThe people of Karnataka, India’s He added that great traditions are the country’s 130 crore citizens who are aware of them. “people of Karnataka should be cautious about such people.” EarlierIn a subtle attack on Gandhi Concerning his remarks made in the UK recently, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath Had said when India’s While the country’s dominance is increasing on global platforms, some are voicing concerns about it on foreign soil.

Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj BommaiAnd Union Minister Pralhad Joshi The event was attended by many others. Dharwad event.

Karnataka The engine of “high tech India”, Modi said. “It is important this engine gets the power of double engine government.”

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