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Playwright Svetlana Petriychuk, accused in a criminal case of justifying terrorism, has been put on a preventive record as “a person prone to committing crimes of a terrorist nature and extremist orientation.” This was announced by her husband Yuri Shekhvatov in Telegram channelcovering a criminal case. This decision will be appealed.

“After yesterday’s court session, Sveta was summoned to the commission, where they were introduced to (relevant.— “b”) document,” wrote Mr. Shekhvatov. In practice, he explained, this may mean changing the conditions of detention at the discretion of the administration, preventive conversations and special control.

The basis for putting the accused on preventive records is the presence of verified information about his intentions to commit an offense or a negative impact on others, as well as medical and psychological indications, Yuri Shekhvatov cites from the rules of the Ministry of Justice.

Theater director Yevgenia Berkovich is also involved in the case. A criminal case was initiated because of the performance “Finist Yasny Sokol”. The “destructological examination” featured in the case, according to the defendants’ lawyers, found in the production the glorification of ISIS (recognized as a terrorist organization and banned in Russia), the ideology of radical feminism and “the fight against the androcentric social structure of Russia.” The director and playwright are placed in a pre-trial detention center until July 4. The defendants deny their guilt.

The initiation of the case in January 2023 was preceded by an examination by the Moscow State Linguistic University (MSLU), said Yulia Kuznetsova, lawyer for Svetlana Petriychuk.

The defendants were detained after another 125-page “comprehensive destructological examination” appeared in the case in May 2023, Ms. Kuznetsova explained. Its authors are the director of the Center for Linguistic Expertise of MSLU Galina Khizreeva and the head of the Laboratory of Destructology of MSLU Roman Silantyev.

The laboratory of destructology has existed in the structure of MSLU since 2019, all references to destructology as a science in public sources refer either to this laboratory itself or to its head, Mr. Silantiev.

The play “Finist the Clear Sokol” was staged by Evgenia Berkovich in 2020. It tells about Russian women recruited by radical Islamists on dating sites for a trip to Syria. The production was based on the play by Svetlana Petriychuk, written on the basis of real protocols of interrogations and sentences. In 2022, the production received two Golden Mask awards.

Read about the case in the publication “Kommersant” “The Moscow City Court received the “Golden Mask””.

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