Placido Domingo was suspected of using the sexual services of an Argentine sect


Spanish opera singer Placido Domingo is suspected of using the services of a sect in Argentina that used its members, including for sexual purposes. About it reported Spanish publication Pais, citing a source close to the investigation. The singer is not a defendant in the case and he has not been charged.

According to a preliminary version, the sect has attracted people for 30 years as part of the fight against AIDS, the rejection of drugs and the pursuit of happiness. In fact, the sect took possession of their money, property and, ultimately, their bodies, leading them to sexual slavery.

The money was withdrawn abroad to offshore funds. A real business structure was created with branches in the USA. People came to Argentina for sex slaves or they were transported to clients in the United States. Now, 19 people have been detained in Argentina in the case of the sect, three are wanted there, and four are wanted in the United States. legal representative declared AP that many well-known personalities are associated with the activities of the sect and all of them will become public when the investigation is completed.

According to the publication, the investigators took possession of the recordings of conversations in which the voice of Mr. Domingo, the leader of the sect, 84-year-old Juan Perkovic, and the mediator are heard. A certain Susana Mendelevich informs the leader of the sect that the singer wants to visit them. Perkovich suggests visiting the so-called “Museum” by the sectarians, a building in the center of Buenos Aires for sexual services.

Further on the recording, the voice of Placido Domingo is heard, who arranges a meeting so that his agents do not know about it. Susana Mendelevich conveys the tenor’s wishes to her boss.

“Pl├ícido did not commit a crime and is not a member of an organization, but rather was a consumer of prostitution,” the law enforcement official clarified for AP. Prostitution is legal in Argentina.

Placido Domingo was accused of sexual harassment in 2019. The Associated Press published an article where more than 20 women accused the singer of harassment from the 1980s to the 2000s. Domingo publicly apologized to women, but his US career then ended.


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