Pilot Popov supported the idea of ​​replacing the co-pilot with a virtual one


Candidate of Technical Sciences, Honored Military Pilot of Russia Vladimir Popov supported the plans of the Ministry of Industry and Trade to replace the co-pilot in aircraft with a virtual one. His words lead RT.

“I think that, in principle, this is a good thing. That is, to automate the control system to such an extent that the aircraft flies independently, taking into account many parameters: air traffic, meteorological conditions, and the ability to load and balance,” — Popov said.

The candidate of science specified that all these parameters can be described mathematically and software can be created that will make life and work of the pilot easier. At the same time, the pilot is sure that process automation, especially at the initial stage, always takes a lot of time and control. A man, he is sure, will still retain a more objective and reliable degree of adequacy than a machine.


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