Physicist Sergei Bogachev explained how solar activity can affect health

Chief Researcher of the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences Sergey Bogachev said that in 2024 solar activity will reach peak, which will affect people’s health.

The activity of the sun rises and falls in a certain order, its full cycle lasts 11 years. As Sergey Bogachev, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, noted, these changes occur constantly and are easy to predict.

During periods of high solar activity, the intensity of ultraviolet radiation increases. People with sensitive skin need extra protection. Also, those who respond to magnetic storms and solar flares should pay attention to their health when solar activity reaches its peak. The cyclic activity of the Sun is the norm, not an anomaly, the physicist emphasized.

Earlier it was reported that scientists recorded a strong flare on the Sun, which provoked disturbances in short-wave radio communications.


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