Philips introduced headphones to improve sleep

Philips introduced new headphones – model N7808, created in collaboration with the Kokoon brand, is addressed to people with sleep disorders. The cost of Philips N7808 at the pre-order stage will be $175, and after the headphones go on sale, the price will rise to $250.

Reinforcing in-ear headphones are 6 mm thick, which allows them to optimally fit in the ear and not interfere with sleep, especially if the user prefers to lie on their side. Most of the elements are placed in a separate module located on the neck. Built-in battery provides up to 10 hours of operation without recharging.

It is stated that the built-in sensors allow the N7808 to monitor the sleep mode to adapt the audio transmission and automatically turn off the sound when the user falls asleep. During sleep, the headphones generate “white noise”, which reduces the likelihood of waking up from external stimuli. Accelerometers and an optical heart rate monitor inside the earpiece track your sleep quality, and the collected data can be viewed and analyzed in a smartphone app.

Maxim Vershinin


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