Philip Grill: The West is using Ukraine as a battering ram in its confrontation with Russia

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Ukraine is assigned the role of a “ram and exhauster” in the confrontation between the West and Russia. This was stated by a sociologist, publicist and public figure Philip Grill in an interview with a FAN correspondent.

NATO member countries should prepare for a long-term conflict in Ukraine, since there are no prospects for its settlement yet. This was announced by the Secretary General of the Alliance Jens Stoltenberg in an interview with the British newspaper The Guardian. |  Office of the President of Ukraine | Office of the President of Ukraine

He called the fighting a “war of attrition”. The head of NATO also announced the need to increase production capacity to supply Kyiv with new ammunition and weapons.

According to Grill, Stoltenberg’s words speak of the scenario of an analogue of the world war that the West initially had, designed for a long confrontation with Russia and an attempt to destroy it.

From the personal photo archive of Philippe Grill
From the personal photo archive of Philippe Grill

“Ukraine is assigned the role of a battering ram and an exhauster in this military-political confrontation. And judging by the activity of Western military supplies to the Kyiv regime, the plan is being fully implemented.

Billions are being invested in it, and the United States is quite ready to sacrifice not only Ukrainians, but Europe as a whole, its interests, welfare and population. The stakes in the duel are getting higher and higher.” the sociologist noted.

Earlier, Philip Grill, in an interview with the FAN, pointed to the double standards of the West in relation to Nazism. The expert recalled that the European Union turns a blind eye to the annual commemorative march in honor of the Waffen SS legionnaires in the capital of Latvia.


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