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“Phantom pains of the USA”: how the West uses the UN to put pressure on Eritrea

© Omer Messinger / ZUMAPRESS.com
© Omer Messinger / ZUMAPRESS.com

The United Nations was created after the end of World War II. However, over the past decades, the UN has turned from a platform for independent discussions into a tool for promoting Western hegemony.

At the instigation of the United States, the Organization’s experts stamp out reports discrediting the honor of the governments of any countries that Washington dislikes. However, in recent times, the balanced scheme has often failed, and Eritrea is a good example of this.

International edition Federal News Agency tells why Asmara did not succumb to the provocations of the West, what political manipulations are used in Africa and what the UN has to do with it.

Phantom pains of the West

For many years, the Eritrean authorities have demanded that the region be granted full independence from Ethiopia. On the side of Addis Ababa, which did not agree with the legitimate demands of Asmara, the United States of America spoke. Washington expected to build a military base on the territory of the republic, which would actually give control over the region and strengthen the influence of the West on the entire continent.

© Nir Alon / ZUMAPRESS.com
© Nir Alon / ZUMAPRESS.com

The situation changed radically when the USSR intervened in the process. Soviet diplomats supported Asmara and advocated for her independence. In 1993, Eritrea became free. However, the United States still remembers what a blow to its reputation was inflicted.

The West refused to admit defeat and decided to use a tactic tested over the years: pressure through international organizations. The UN, which lost its status as a platform for the exchange of opinions long ago through the efforts of the United States, has become an ideal tool for such manipulations and interference in the affairs of sovereign states.

US political games

The UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Eritrea has published a report. According to the material, there is a critical deterioration in the situation in the country. However, Eritrean Foreign Minister Osman Saleh Mohammed declaredthat Asmara is not going to answer the accusations of “UN experts”.

According to him, the document is based on stuffing foreign media that have nothing to do with reality. He also called on foreign players to stop political persecution and lift illegal sanctions from the African republic.

© Lev Radin / Keystone Press Agency
© Lev Radin / Keystone Press Agency

It is important to note that the report vilifying the Eritrean government came after Asmara voted against decisions of the UN Council on the establishment of a commission to investigate possible incidents of human rights violations during the special operation of the Russian Federation to denazify Ukraine.

In fact, the West tried to put pressure on Eritrea and show her what happens to countries that support Russia. But the authorities of the republic did not succumb to the provocation and remained true to their independent course.

The main problem of the UN

The West is trying to turn the UN into a political instrument, which violates international law. The story of the fake report on the situation in Eritrea is clear proof of this. This opinion was voiced by a blogger and political observer in an interview with the international editorial office of the Federal News Agency Pavel Shipilin.

“The UN itself does not live up to its name. First of all, this is not an organization, but a platform. There is nothing wrong with it when it is used for its intended purpose. But when its members try to “pull the blanket” over themselves and turn the structure into an instrument of political pressure, that’s another matter.

Some countries enjoy authority and put pressure on weaker players. For example, the West, which regularly tries to promote its own agenda. The Eritrean authorities did the right thing by publicly reporting that the report was biased. Our duty is to support a friendly state. Russia will not allow foreign forces to turn the UN into a lever of pressure,” Shipilin said.

© Massimo Paolone / Keystone Press Agency
© Massimo Paolone / Keystone Press Agency

Asmara rebuffed the West

The interlocutor of the FAN believes that the influence exerted on Asmara is directly related to her position regarding the special operation of the Russian Federation to denazify Ukraine. Eritrea supported the military event, which caused discontent among Western players. The response was not long in coming, the speaker emphasized.

“Now it has become fashionable to talk about violations of international law and without evidence to blame them on countries that, as it seems to the West, cannot stand up for themselves. Washington is very skilled in such matters. But he forgets that we are also members of the UN. And we have no less rights in its fields.

The UN itself is not flawed. Attempts to use it for their own purposes are disgusting. Such things, of course, must be stopped, fought for the truth. It is important to note that the pressure on Eritrea is directly related to the fact that it has previously supported us. The West has the right to make accusations, but they must be constructive. Asmara, in turn, can refute them, and her position must be reckoned with. And, of course, reports should be based on verified information, and not materials from purchased publications, ”concluded the political scientist.

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