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Petrovsky explained what US strike will force China to become a participant in current events

Federal News Agency
Federal News Agency

The United States of America, as well as other Western countries, against the backdrop of a new geopolitical reality that is emerging in the international arena, are able to resort to yet another anti-Russian provocation in the energy sector.

The well-known Russian political scientist Dmitry Petrovsky came to this conclusion. In an interview with the news outlet “Journalistic Truth” he spoke in detail about the sabotage with the Nord Stream bombings, and also explained what new dangerous measures the US authorities could take in the confrontation with Moscow.

Recall that on September 26, explosions were recorded at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, as a result of which all four branches of Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 received serious damage. This is a deliberate sabotage, due to which the gas pipeline has lost the ability to pump Russian natural gas to Europe. Experts suggested that the United States, Great Britain and other Western countries, which were once against the opening of this energy route, were involved in this sabotage. Now it is Washington that has received a significant benefit from the destruction of the Nord Stream.

Dmitry Petrovsky did not rule out that the United States was involved in sabotage at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. He also suggested that Washington will continue to arrange various anti-Russian provocations of a similar nature. The Americans may risk striking at the gas pipelines that pump raw materials to Turkey and China. However, such actions will not remain without severe consequences for Washington.

“By and large, they still have blows on our gas pipelines that go to Turkey and China, but all this will hit them. A strike on gas pipelines going to China, this strike will lead to the fact that China will become one of the participants in the events. Already not just sympathizing with us, but actively helping, in Turkey the same thing, ”explained the expert.

The political scientist expressed confidence that the US strike on the gas pipeline to China would make Beijing a participant in the international events taking place at the moment. The Chinese authorities will be forced to side with Russia in the confrontation with Washington, as they are ready to defend their national and energy interests.


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