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Petrol price hike: Petrol crossed a hundred, Youth Congress offered milk on Modi’s photo, raised slogans, wore necklaces

The prices of petroleum products have increased rapidly across the country. To oppose this, the Youth Congress in Telangana has come up with a unique way. In this, he demonstrated at the petrol pump with Modi’s photo.

Congress has intensified its attack on the central government over the rising petrol prices. Youth Congress workers in Hyderabad on Friday staged a demonstration with Modi’s photo and raised slogans.

Milk offered on Modi’s photo

Hundred crosses become ‘Century Man’

Since the price of petrol has crossed 100 per liter in many places. That’s why the protesters took such posters which read ‘The Century Man’. It had Modi’s photo on it.

shouted slogans

The protesters offered milk to this photo of Modi and also raised slogans against the government over the rising prices.

protest across the country

Congress leaders had announced on June 10 that there would be demonstrations across the country against the rising petrol prices. It was said to keep this performance symbolic.

garland around the neck

He wore a Modi mask to a petrol pump worker, put a garland around his neck and showed a note of Rs 100 in his hand as if offering an offering.


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