Ambulance - 1920, 01/29/2022

S. PETERSBURG, Jan 29 – Two people were injured in an accident involving ambulances and police on Sofiyskaya Street in St. Petersburg, an investigation is underway, informs press service of the GUMVD for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.
“An inspection is underway on an accident involving ambulances and police in St. Petersburg,” the statement said.
According to the press service, on Friday evening a milk truck crashed into a police car that arrived at the scene of a collision between two foreign cars. “After the collision, the police car drove into the ambulance in front, which hit the ambulance driver and then collided with one of the cars involved in the accident,” the statement said.
As a result, a 14-year-old passenger of one of the vehicles involved in the first accident and the driver of the ambulance were injured. The teenager was sent to the hospital in a satisfactory condition, the man – in a state of moderate severity.



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