Petersburg, two men with pepper spray robbed a student’s apartment |  Freepik Company S.L. | Freepik Company S.L.

Two unknown men stole 150 thousand rubles from the apartment of young people in the Primorsky district of St. Petersburg. The source said this FAN in law enforcement agencies.

The message to the police came from an 18-year-old student of a technical university. He said that at the place of residence he found an open front door, scattered things and the absence of 150 thousand rubles.

The young man’s neighbor said that he met an unknown person when leaving the elevator. The teenager asked the stranger what he was doing here. However, he did not answer and disappeared through the back stairs.

After that, the victim’s neighbor found that the door to the apartment was open. When he entered, he saw an intruder in the room. Things were scattered around.

An unknown person, seeing a young man, applied physical force to him and sprayed pepper spray. He then fled the scene.

The police seized the footage from the cameras. They are looking for robbers. According to preliminary data, it is known that the attackers were two bearded men aged 25-30 years. A criminal case has been initiated.

Earlier, St. Petersburg schoolchildren shot at a passer-by and took away his phone.


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