Peskov denies Putin’s plans to address the nation and change the status of the special operation

Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that information about Vladimir Putin’s plans to address the Russians today, October 5, is not true. According to him, the president does not plan to announce a change in the format of the special operation.

When asked whether it is planned to change the format of the special military operation to counter-terrorism, the Kremlin spokesman replied: “This is the prerogative of the president. To date, no such decision has been made.”

In September, the head of Crimea, Sergei Aksyonov, admitted that after the annexation of Ukrainian territories, as well as the DPR and LPR, Russia would no longer conduct a special, but a counter-terrorist operation in Ukraine.

Telegram channel Readovka citing a source, he said that Russian President Vladimir Putin today can make an appeal to the citizens of Russia, in which he will inform about the change in the status of the special operation.

Read more about what is happening on the 224th day after the entry of Russian troops into the territory of Ukraine, read in the online broadcast of Kommersant.

Anastasia Larina


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