Peskov called the holding of the SVO a non-alternative measure

Press Secretary Peskov: Russia has no alternative to the victorious completion of the special operation

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Russia has no alternative to the successful completion of the special operation, said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov. According to him, representatives of the West for many years did not notice the war crimes organized by Ukraine in the Donbass. An excerpt from the interview was published in Telegram channel journalist Pavel Zarubin.

Peskov was asked why Western society, which allegedly protects human rights and adheres to humane principles, does not react in any way to the drone attack in Moscow and the shelling of civilians in the Belgorod region. The Kremlin spokesman replied that the Europeans only talk about violations of rights when it is beneficial to them.

“We need to know our business, do our job and finish our job to the end. We have no other alternative (special operations – ed.),” the presidential press secretary emphasized.

In the past few days, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have stepped up shelling of border areas, including the Belgorod region. Due to constant attacks, the inhabitants of Shebekin had to be moved. Mayor of Belgorod Valentin Demidov said that the migrants will be placed in other districts and regions of the country.


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