Permyakov will be taught to fight bullying

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Permyakov, including schoolchildren’s parents, are invited to an anti-bullying meeting. The event, which will take place on March 4, was organized by the creators of the Russian project “Dads Against Bullying”. The information is posted on the page of the community of fathers in the social network “VKontakte”.

“The team of the project “Dads Against Bullying” is going to Perm to hold a meeting for parents on school anti-bullying. Main topics: what to do for moms and dads to protect children from this toxic phenomenon; how to help if the child is already being bullied; how to keep in touch with other parents and teachers in order to prevent bullying,” the project page states.

Representatives of the Tolerance Center Igor Meingardt and Elena Gorinova will act as experts. The meeting will be free for all participants. It will take place on Saturday, March 4, at 10:00 in the library. A. M. Gorky. You must register for the event.

The Russian project “Dads Against Bullying” is a community of fathers who want to prevent child bullying. The community also includes educators who develop methods for bullying prevention.


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