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Permyak convicted of crimes against women


In Berezniki, Perm Territory, a 34-year-old citizen with many previous convictions was convicted of systematically beating women and threatening to kill them. This is reported by the regional head office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

It was established that after being released from the colony, the citizen began to meet with his acquaintance. Both did not work anywhere and spent time drinking alcohol together. One day he hit his girlfriend in the face and demanded gold earrings. Having been refused, he threw the woman to the floor and started beating her. After that, the woman gave him what he wanted. He handed over jewelry to a pawnshop, and spent the money.

Investigators also found that the citizen repeatedly beat his cohabitant. In addition, in March 2021, he came to his ex-wife and for several days beat her in front of her four children, and also threatened to kill her and the baby girl. The victim was eventually able to escape and contacted the police.

The court sentenced the defendant to ten years in prison. He will serve time in prison…


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