Perm SU SK told the details of the death of an infant

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The stroller, in which there was a seven-month-old child, caught fire due to the burning of a blanket. Details of the death of a baby in the village of Kultaevo are reported on the website of the Investigative Committee of the ICR for the Perm Territory. According to the department, the three-year-old brother of the deceased child set fire to the blanket.

“It was preliminary established that on May 28, in one of the settlements of the Perm region, a seven-month-old child was at home with a three-year-old brother and mother. Left for a short time without adult supervision, a three-year-old boy set fire to a blanket on which a seven-month-old child was, as a result of which the latter received thermal burns, ”the department’s website says.

The incident is under investigation. The head of the investigative department for the region, Denis Golovkin, took personal control over the course of the audit. Earlier it became known that in the village of Kultaevo a stroller caught fire, in which there was an infant. The baby was taken to a medical facility, but died from thermal burns the day after the incident.

According to a URA.RU source in law enforcement agencies, the family where the tragedy occurred is characterized as dysfunctional: the child’s mother abused alcohol and did not raise her children. Local residents have repeatedly appealed to various departments, but to no avail, the source said.

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