Perm Legislative Assembly deputy Baranova was offended by Speaker Sukhikh because of a joke. Video

Plenary session of the Legislative Assembly of the Perm Territory.  Perm, Baranova Anna

Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Perm Territory, head of the Communist Party faction Anna Baranova harbored a grudge after the chairman of the Legislative Assembly Valery Sukhikh reacted with humor to her speech on the topic of housing for youth. As URA.RU sources in the political elite tell us, colleagues in the legislative assembly have become fed up with Baranova’s immaturity over the past two years.

“Baranova gave a long speech, as always, from a piece of paper. She lamented that it is difficult to save up for a down payment on a mortgage today. And then young families have to pay mortgage payments for 15.20 years. She said the obvious. And she ended with a populist proposal. Sukhikh smiled after her speech and said: “Grow up quickly, we have a good time here.” Baranova was angry, she felt that she was not being taken seriously,” says the source.

He adds that his colleagues in the Legislative Assembly, after two years of working side by side with the young communist, became noticeably fed up with Anna Baranova’s immaturity. She is also famous for her unrealizable proposals and takes credit for other people’s achievements. “The deputies, most of whom are 50-60 years old, used to be amused, but are now annoyed by how a thirty-year-old girl tells them how good it was to live in the USSR. They saw everything with their own eyes. She’s not,” says the insider. He notes that Sukhikh’s remark about growing up was most likely addressed to Anna Baranova herself.

The press service of the Legislative Assembly did not comment on the situation. Anna Baranova herself, in a conversation with URA.RU, agreed that Sukhikh’s remark was “caustic in nature.” But she treats such situations philosophically. “Opposition rhetoric in most cases causes a negative reaction on the part of the ruling party,” notes Anna Baranova.

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